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Nature Hacker: Mission

Hello my name is Josh. I have been reading Lifehacker avidly for around a year now. It has been a thought of mine to start this blog about life hacking in regards to nature for a while now. I have always loved the outdoors, spending time in the nearby mountains and river bottoms is how I spent a lot of time growing up. Even durring the school year, friends and I would head out for a hike or a swim at a local spot. This continued unabated into my adulthood and blossomed into a full throttle passion for nature and the planet.

I also have a very logical way of looking at things and enjoy spending time thinking about how they work and what makes them work better. It never occurred to me until after reading lifehacker that there are a lot of people just like me. I also started gardening intensely this year after discovering the concept of permaculture, which if you haven't heard of it please just follow the link and read the wikipedia article because it is notoriously hard to define.


This blog is a synergy of the two main passions in my life; nature and lifehackery. I plan on posting my favorite tips related to growing food in spall spaces and the importance of going beyond organic among other tips about the technology and techniques I like peppered in there to spice things up.

I plan on allowing and encouraging replies on all post as I would love to engage with interested people about their techniques and tips. I feel that there is so much strength to be drawn from community based thinking so please feel free to drop me a line anytime.


Peace and love,

Lets overgrow the system!


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